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There are several tasks for you to complete prior to Move-In Day. Please note that you will NOT be permitted to move in until your Canvas Orientation is complete and ALL forms have been submitted. All NCSSM communications will be sent to your NCSSM email address, so be sure to check your email account on a regular basis to receive the most up to date information leading up to your arrival in August.

Pre-Flight Tasklist Class of 2026 DURHAM.pdf


All juniors will have one or two roommates at NCSSM. You will be carefully matched based on your answers on the Roommate Preference Form. You will receive an email with instructions on how to log in to Blackbaud to view your residence hall and room assignment in mid-July. 

Feel free to review the following resource to get a better idea of room layouts. Please note that while we provide general measurements for each residence hall, each room is unique and variations exist in room dimensions. You should use these measurements as a general guide only.

Residence Halls.pdf


The following items are some suggested items to bring to campus. If you believe you may need it, then bring it just in case. It is also a good idea to contact your roommate(s) prior to your arrival on campus to determine what, if anything, each individual will be responsible for providing. Please note that none of the following items will be provided by NCSSM.

Suggested Items to Bring.pdf


The following lists items that are permitted and prohibited in a student's room. Please review the list carefully to ensure you are in compliance with NCSSM guidelines.

Room Occupancy and Safety Guidelines.pdf


While we realize that students desire to arrange and decorate their rooms in order to make themselves comfortable, we also recognize the need to set limits for reasons of health, safety, and the conservation of the limited resources here on campus. We, therefore, ask that you adhere to these guidelines as you arrange and decorate your rooms.

Room Decoration Guidelines.pdf


The 2024 Student Orientation Schedule will be added as soon as it becomes available.


The following includes information about local banks, hotels, shopping centers, and our school store to help you prepare for Move-In Day.

Bank Information

There is a State Employees Credit Union ATM on campus and a Wells Fargo ATM within walking distance on 9th Street. You may want to consider opening a bank account for your student so that they may have access to funds to make purchases during their time at NCSSM.

Hotel/Motel Information

The following is a list of nearby hotels and motels in the event that an extended stay is needed to prepare for Move-In Day. Please note that we cannot recommend a specific hotel/motel for your stay.

Shopping Center Information

The following is a list of nearby shopping centers in the event that a shopping trip is need on Move-In Day.

School Store

The NCSSM school store which is located in the Eilber Physical Education Center (known to students as the PEC) will be open in August for students and families to purchase NCSSM merchandise. A limited number of items are also available for purchase in our online store.

We look forward to seeing you on 

Friday, August 9, 2024!